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Kitten Attack!
this picture is owned by the submitter. contact submitter for permission before using it in any wayToday has been complicated. Mom and Dad called first thing to get me to come pick up the kittens -- 24 hours was enough for them. Plus, the littlest one, the tortie, was sick. So I came over, and we took her to a local vet. The assistant gave her a teeny kitten enema and was bitten as her reward. (I would want to bite somebody giving me an enema, too.) Course, we don't know what all sorts of nasties these kittens have, so now she's quarantined at the clinic for ten days. And $400 (which was the amazing discount rate... you don't want to see what it would have cost if this were a pet cat). Mom calls around a few more places, and finally finds one place with space in their foster program -- the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. I drive over there with the two in tow, start filling out the paperwork, and then they realize I'm not eligible to place them there, because I'm technically in Prince William County. Which, apparently, has the same sort of program. I try calling them, but their phone system hangs up on you after transferring you to the operator. So I drive to the Prince William Animal Shelter, and they tell me that their foster program is full up. They'd end up putting them down if I surrendered them, because they're too young to adopt out. So. I went back out to the car and had a good long cry. Took the pair back to my house, and contacted one of the other folks who volunteered at the feral house in Oakton, and she volunteered to take them next week while I'm on vacation. Hallelujah! So I think everything is solved now, except for their permanent homes. Anybody in the D.C. area want a kitten in July (once I can get them fixed)?
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