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Thank you for supporting hiptop Nation. I have a lot of fun with the site, but it is something I do in my "spare" time. The more support I get, the more time I dedicate for improvements to the site.

Besides a warm fuzzy feeling of happiness, there are some other perks to lending your support. If you donate $10 (or more), there are a couple of perks. First, you will receive a simplified, personalized URL for your personal site. So, instead of:

You could have a URL that looks like this:

This makes it vastly easier to give out your blog address.

Second, you will receive a customizable sidebar. See this blog for an example. Fill it with links, comments, poetry, pictures or whatever else you like.

Other ways to support hiptop Nation:

If you are going to shop at Amazon anyway, you can follow this link. You don't pay anything extra and I'll get a small cut of whatever you buy. If you are buying a Segway, please definitely do this :)

I've also set up an Amazon wish list for those of you with money burning a hole in your pocket. There is not much on it mainly due to the fact that the only thing I desperately need right now is a new monitor.


// mikepop

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