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Heh, cafe barrone...
...my high school hang out. (I grew up in Menlo Park, went to Menlo-Atherton High (about 1/2 mile from the cafe) and have since graduated college and moved to far-away Redwood Shores... (about 10 miles north))

Also right next door to the best independant bookstore on the peninsula, (well, since Stacy's Palo Alto closed) Keplers. Must be doing your laundry at the place next to Applewood-2-go, and the place with the neon "Swedish Clogs" sign (my friends and I often debate the cost-effectiveness of a neon swedish clogs sign).

Hrrmmm - what *other* technology startup used to be right across the street... in the charles schwabb building... hmmm...

- jdm
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