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Drama With Ur Momma! Lol
this picture is owned by the submitter. contact submitter for permission before using it in any wayDats right I hate stupid drunk @#$%* Dat r so drunk just cuz u look at them they want to fight u. Well anywayz me, luis, n mike went to a party n luis ended up gettin separated from mike and I. Then I see luis 10minutes l8er he's trapped in a corner by 3 guyz n 1 skinny mutha fucker, so I call mike n tell him to go get him, so when we start heading ova there the 4 guys hit luis n some guy said he left, so mike goes after him, n I was lost in da party cuz I couldn't find neither luis nor mike. So I head outside n mikes callin my name so we jump in da car n leave so I then check luis to see if he's ok cuz im a medical assistant. He has 2 bumps, 1 behind his ear n another in his forehead.

4 against 1! Dats @*(#!%$ ridicolous! Well anywayz mike stops at circle k n we get ice for luis to put on his forehead.

What a night I tell ya, drama!

.::Vulcari RacerZ::.
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