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this picture is owned by the submitter. contact submitter for permission before using it in any wayDon't Ever Leave The One You Love For The One You Like, 'Cuz The One You Like Will Leave You For The One They Love

Except.. I was supposed to be the one he Loved.

Worst Day Of My L i f e & I mean that.

Ill never be the same person.

5Months... Why Do The Good Thinqs That Come Into My Life Always Leave After 5 Months. . .

I'm never qonna qet over this. N E V E R

My body is froze Every part of me cold My hearts achin' And I can't b r e a t h e My Souls breakin Minus 31 deqrees Nowhere else to go Froze

My Smile Holds More ( P a i n ] Than You Could Ever Imaqine. . .
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