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Loves It !!
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Yes. . . It stuckk !! First pic is like the main road ii live on. . . Tonite at 1O my homeboi Josh txted me nd asked if I wanted 2 kickit. I haven't seeeen him F O R E V E R. . . So I asked my mom ( yeh 'cuz she usually never lets me leave ] nd she said yehh it was cool. So I walked up the street to Taco Time ( where he works ] nd then we walked back to my apartment complex nd chilled. We were qonna kickit with his homeboi Max, but Max he missed the last bus annd couldn't make it. So me && Josh just chilled nd talked && shit for an hour & a half, while it was dumpin' snow. I couldn't feel my toes or my finqers annd he had on just a lonq sleeved shirt with his work shirt over it. I felt bad for him but I don't have nethinq he could wear. Haha myy mom even called me & asked if we wanted cocoa. I love her haha. But yehhh. We kept writinq shit in the snow but it was too dark to really take pics.. I qot a pic of a crown he drew thouqh.. He wrote his name in qraffiti next to it but I couldn't qet all of it. Whomp Whompp. Newaysz. I'm outtieeee.

P.S- My friend who's in prison ( don't ask ] finally wrote me back today... I sent him a sticker in the last letter I mailed him nd I qot a letter back for a violation frm the prison sayinq he couldn't qet my letter cuz of the sticker ( qay I know, but they say it could've had LSD or some kinda druq on it, okay that's understandable but damn ] so I wrote him another letter 3weeks aqo not knowinq if they wuld let him qet it or not. . . & he did =] I was hyped. Haha. Sooo I started writinq him

back before I went to kickit soo now imma finish it before I K'O. . .


|| iTSz BRiTTANy BiTCH ||™
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