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hahaha =]
this picture is owned by the submitter. contact submitter for permission before using it in any wayHaha Drew'skii... your FINALLY backk on your camera whore qame huh? Lmfaoooo ill never forqet that shit "myehhh seeeeee" I wishh I still had that voice clip from the powerpuff qurlsz evil villan shit.. "Myehhh seeee I want everybody to backup or the man qets it seee" hahaha. Ahhhhh my qodddd. =] qood times qood timesss... ohh && ii won't shoot u for the

short jokes..Even if I did, I'd only hit ur ankle with the bullet newaysz =P haha.. Nways. I qot some body jewel shit cuzzz I wonna see whad it look like if I qot my lip pierced.. I was just qonna qlue one of my eyebrow rinq ball thinq to my lip w| nail qlue O_o buh my mom freaked out nd said "no don't fucken do that" so I didn't. Haha. Imma try it in a lil bit

|| iTSz BRiTTANy BiTCH ||™
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