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Re: House full of fish...
My wife is also hooked on Animal Crossing... I think she is more excited for haloween *in the game* than in real life. (For those who don't know, Animal Crossing is a GameCube game that takes place in *real-time* by reading from the GC clock - so special events happen on holidays, and the store actually closes at 10pm!)

I got it for her on friday and she played it for 5 hours that night (until Nook's closed). In fact she ignored me most of the weekend for the game! (heh, turnabout is fair play I guess ;) Today we planted 2x 30,000b (bells) money trees - so in a few days we should get about 180,000b back... ;). She has already paid off her 148,000b mortgage... so tomorrow her house should be even bigger!

Did you know you can "trade" items by providing your town name / character name and then a special code for the item? Yeah, the town name and character name acts as a seed for the RNG and then the code hashes into a table based off the seed... pretty cool... so if you wanted to send one of those 15,000b Ceolocanths over this way, heheh...

- jdm
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