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Morgan Webb Sez in ScreenSavers LAN Party....
The ultimate game she'd want to play would be an old PSOne game -- "BustAGroove"....because if you're gonna go out -- being --killed-- in video game ..you might as well go --out-- dancing. I also have BustAGroove2, but prefer the original version...maybe DramaKween and JigNeNe will play both with me this weekend ;)

This episode (is this a repeat show?) also has Jessica Corbin's Report (0:44 minute mark on Tivo) on the Danger CSK. She did the screen flip trick. She said it's not perfect. You need to make sure you have prime T-Mobile access or else the CSK is little or no use to you. Reception is bad. Jessica was told by Danger representative that they're working on getting better reception on CSK, she's not clear on when this would happen. Leo (LaPorte) has T-Mobile service and gets great reception on his Nokia phone and that the signal problem with Sidekick may be poor antenna. She complained about not being able to synch up with her desktop. Interface very intuitive and it's future-proof with games, skins. Leo said downside was that service provider deleted some of the games spontaneously from the device. She said design is funky and edgy...and it's best for teenagers or young adults, or for parents going through mid-life crisis that wants a device to match their Corvette. Jessica said it's clunky to use as phone. When the CSK was zoomed in on, it had flashing "X" where you'd normally sess phone bars and the "G".

She did a disservice by not putting a link to Hiptop Nation on her SideKick sites listing :(


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