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'Do Not Call' List Blocked & Send Spam = Fines
A U.S. court in Oklahoma has blocked the national "do not call" list that would allow consumers to stop most unwanted telephone sales calls, the Direct Marketing Association said on Wednesday.

A California antispam bill passed the Senate on Wednesday, a first step toward the passage of a law that would give people the right to sue spammers. The bill....allows any Californian who receives an unsolicited ad via e-mail to sue the sender in court for $500 per violation; and judges can triple the fine if they find that the sender willfully and knowingly violated the California ban....also requires courts to impose an additional $250 civil penalty per spam to be used to fund high-tech crime task forces throughout the state. Under current law, only a city attorney, district attorney, the state Attorney General and ISPs can go after spammers in court.


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