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A Good Start...
Last night after SaxyHC finished the high school band gig thing, we went out to dinner @ my fave place -- The Cheesecake Factory in Old Town Pasadena. The place was packed as usual as they don't take reservations and won't seat you until your entire party is there. While we were waiting to be called, he went to the local Apple store to check out the G4 and IPODs. I had the Herb Crusted Salmon Salad and SaxyHC had the Shrimp Jumbalaya. We had some sort of crispy salmon appetizer with hot chili sauce. The girls just wanted "bread and water"....huh??, and of course shared dessert. We had a chance to finally relax and joke around with each other.

Today is the family junket to the L.A. County Fair @ the Pomona Fairplex. We're hooking up with my Jr./Sr. high school buddy and her 4 girls and hubby this afternoon. SaxyHC doesn't want to stay at the fair all day but we're staying later because we want to catch the Earth, Wind & Fire show @ the fair this evening. We have our walkie talkies so that we can stay in close contact with each other. I'll be taking pictures of the sights while we're @ the fair. It should be F-U-N!!


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