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Go, Animal Rescue!
this picture is owned by the submitter. contact submitter for permission before using it in any wayAlley Cat Allies advertisement seen on the back of a Metro bus. Yay! For folks who expressed interest in my visit to Best Friends a few months back, the second season of Dogtown, which focuses on the dog section of the sanctuary, premieres Friday night on National Geographic. I saw a preview of the episode; it's on the rehabilitation of the Michael Vick pit bulls (the "Vicktory dogs" as Best Friends calls them). The series in general is a lot darker than Best Friends' "All the Good News" philosophy, but I think that's because of how the television trope for "rescued animal" works (i.e. they feel like they have to show the horrible original state as part of the "how far the animal has come" story). I found myself crying at a point in this one, so be forewarned if you're used to the "we're not about the sadness" philosophy Best Friends espouses. But it's wonderful to dedicate a half hour each week to a great place like the sanctuary, so I'm all about all the television coverage they can get. Plus, now I can point at the red sand and the dirt roads (and the amazing caregivers) say, "I've been there!"
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