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Taste The Bloody Rainbow!
Have you ever played Mortal Skittles? It's an awesome game that I came up with one day while working for the Software Startup Company. It works like this.

1. Take a bag of Skittles. Fun Size works the best because you don't suffer a sugar seizure half-way into the game.

2. Separate the Skittles into two random groups. This will be a single-elimination tournament to the death!

3. Take two Skittles at random, preferably different colors, and hold one against the other with your forefinger and thumb.

4. Squeeze these Skittles together slowly, being careful not to let them slip and shoot over your cubicle wall, hitting your neighbor in the eye. (Though, this is a contact sport, after all.)

5. One of the Skittles will crack. This is the losing Skittle. This one you can eat.

6. The winning Skittle is brought up before another challenger and the process is repeated until there is only one Skittle left standing. This is the cream of the crop, the champion among it's falled bretheren. It is Das Über Skittle™.

Das Über Skittle™ can then be enclosed in an enevelope and mailed back to the Mars Candy Copmany with a letter saying the following:

"This Skittle has proven itself to be superior among it's peers and wothy in honorable battle to be included in your breeding stock."

I love this game! *winks*

"making the world easier to swallow."

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