Hiptop Nation presents:

H3: The 3rd Annual Hiptop Halloween Hunt

A Photo-Scavenger Hunt For the Hiptop Masses

Here is the list.

For those of us following along at home, here are the teams competing in this year's hunt:

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that there will be some prizes for the winning team, along with a prize for the top individual scorer, no matter what his or her team is. UPDATE::
The rules have been posted.


Caving to the demands of users, hiptop Nation is proud to announce H3 - the third annual Halloween photo-scavenger hunt. We'll take some old ideas and some new ideas and mash them up into a fun time for all.

For those of you new to the idea, a photo-scavenger hunt is just like a traditional scavenger hunt: a list of varoius items is presented. Instead of collecting the actual objects your mission is to capture photos of the items with your hiptop and email them to a blog in the time allotted. Since you are taking photos instead of actual objects, a lot of interesting things can go on the list. This year's list will of course remain secret until the hunt begins, but to get an idea of what might be on it, take a look at the old list. Remember, that is the OLD LIST. Don't bother looking for those items. :)

For those of you who have played before, you will probably be happy to hear that instead of experimenting with new twists on the hunt, I am going to pretty much follow the standard "here is a big list with points listed, get out there and get photos" format. But, there will be at least two important adjustments: You will have the option of forming your own teams (but you don't need to form a team to join). The second adjustment will be a twist that won't be revealed until the day of the hunt. It won't alter the basic format, but it will give more of an opportunity for someone who can't get away from a computer to participate.

Let's get to some details.

Anyone with a camera-enabled hiptop device is welcome to participate. Also, you'll need good connectivity on the day of the hunt.

The list of items will be posted at 12:00am October 31st. The hunt will run all day through Halloween, and on until midnight. These times are Eastern Standard Time. So, if you are one of the growing community of hiptop users outside of the US, your times will obviously vary. Coordinate with your team to take advantage of time zone differences.

So, a big change this year is in the way teams are formed. If you don't want to form your own team, simply send an email to hunt@bedope.com. About a week before Halloween, you will receive an email telling you about your team, your team blog you can use to communicate, etc.

If you do want to form a team, first get organized with your teammates. Decide on one person from the team to be the official communicator. This person should then email hunt@bedope.com with the words TEAM FORMATION in the subject, and the names and emails of everyone on the team in the body of the email. If I have any questions or need to relay important info about your team I will contact your team communicator, so make sure this person is someone who is responsive to email.

You must have at least five people to form a team, and the maximum number of people per team is eight. As the teams form, it is likely you will have other people added to your team. If a person drops off your team, please let me know immediately. This year, there will be a cut-off point after which there will be no team adjustments.

Stay tuned for further news and updates on the hunt. Thanks in advance to everyone who will particpate!

- mikepop