Hiptop Nation presents:

Hiptop Halloween Hunt

it is supposed to be a hiptop pumpkin but I an not a great draw-er
A Photo-Scavenger Hunt For the Hiptop Masses

Update: The Results
Here they are. Congratulations to all players for a game well-played.

Update, 1 November.
Wow that was fun. Good work everyone on getting so many items, and not getting arrested or hit by a car or anything (:

Now the slightly-less-fun part: figuring out the scores. The judges will get to work on this. You may receive an email question about one of your entries, asking for clarification. If we don't hear back from you, we'll just have to guess.

Expect official results sometime next week!

Update, 31 October
The game's afoot!

Check out the list

Good luck to all the teams!

Team Raven
Team Igor
Team Skellington
Team Ichabod
Team Oogie Boogie

*** UPDATE: *** The Rules are now officially posted.

What is a "photo-scavenger hunt"?
As with a regular scavener hunt, a list of varoius items is presented. Your mission: capture photos of the items with your hiptop and email them to a blog in the time allotted.

How do I sign up?
UPDATE: 23 October 3.17pm.
There are five teams, with eleven members each. Each team has a team blog. Team members were contacted yesterday. A few have not posted a "hello, team" message on their blog yet. ** All team members should post to their team blog as soon as possible ** If for some reason you have poor connectivity, remember you can also use the Desktop Interface.

If some team members have not posted to their blog (or contacted me) by Monday, they may be replaced by those on the standby list. So, if you want to be in the game, speak up now. If you have changed your mind, please contact me (mike at bedope dot com) so I can rotate a new member onto the team.

If you still want in, get on the standby list as there are only a few people on it right now. Email hunt@bedope.com to join the standby list.

Then What?
Sometime early morning (Pacific time) on 31 October, the list of scavenger hunt items will be posted here. You then have until Midnight (Pacific time) to collect photos with your hiptop and email them to your team blog. The photos must clearly show the item, and your blog entry should indicate the item by name.

The location of the team blogs will also be published here, so everyone can monitor your progress.

After midnight, the judges will tally up the points and award the prizes.

Prizes? What prizes?
All contributing members of the winning team and the overall top scorer (regardless of team affiliation) will win prizes. Danger tshirts, fancy Hiptop cases and a Danger messenger bag are up for grabs.

Anything else?
That's all for now. Stay tuned to Hiptop Nation for updates.