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Babes in Hip-Land
Mike & Amy -- Congrats on the impending birth of your baby girl. It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time....especially for the parents-to-be ;)

So if Baby Lee is born on Thanksgiving...what a memorable day it'd be....

So HipTop Nation ... for those that are still here ... not traveling on the road or otherwise away from wireless forms of communication .... how 'bout a pool on the weight / length of Baby Lee? I'll start off with 7 lbs 8 ozs and 20 inches....


BustAGroove's AOL Journal // Weather
The Gloved One With The Sparkly Socks Fortelling
Actually, I had the album title right, but the name of the song is UNBREAKABLE
And He Thought He Was INVINCIBLE.....
I was just listening to his CD last night on the way home from work last night.

October 2001: The album "Invincible" - which reportedly cost $30 million to produce - flops.

California authorities issued an arrest warrant for Michael Jackson on multiple counts of molesting a child and asked the pop superstar to turn in his passport and surrender. For more, you could read: http://www.msnbc.com/news/995113.asp?0ct=-34n.
Game Over
Well, it's a done deal....the hunt is over. My huntong experience is in BustAGroove's AOL Journal. Thanks judges for loop-de-loop of this hunt and bringing the hunt back next year.
Geomagnetic Disturbance
A possible strong geomagnetic storm is headed twoards Earth and is expected to reach Earth this Friday afternoon...There's a possibility of outages & interruptions of cell phone and pager service.....Satellites are also very vulnerable to solar activity.

If you science geeky types would like to learn more about this incident visit EMERGENCY EMAIL & WIRELESS NETWORK


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Grand Prix Fire in Lytle Creek
It's worse than what I first thought. Several fires were started by arsonists. We haven't had decent rainfall in many months. I live approximately 20 miles southwest of the Grand Prix Fire. While I was driving on the freeway last night, I was looking for the water dropping helicopters but didn't see any.

Here's the
terraserver view of the area before the fire.

P.S...This is my 3rd attempt try to post this here...so if dupes come up later....


BustAGroove's AOL Journal // Weather
Morgan Webb Sez in ScreenSavers LAN Party....
The ultimate game she'd want to play would be an old PSOne game -- "BustAGroove"....because if you're gonna go out -- being --killed-- in video game ..you might as well go --out-- dancing. I also have BustAGroove2, but prefer the original version...maybe DramaKween and JigNeNe will play both with me this weekend ;)

This episode (is this a repeat show?) also has Jessica Corbin's Report (0:44 minute mark on Tivo) on the Danger CSK. She did the screen flip trick. She said it's not perfect. You need to make sure you have prime T-Mobile access or else the CSK is little or no use to you. Reception is bad. Jessica was told by Danger representative that they're working on getting better reception on CSK, she's not clear on when this would happen. Leo (LaPorte) has T-Mobile service and gets great reception on his Nokia phone and that the signal problem with Sidekick may be poor antenna. She complained about not being able to synch up with her desktop. Interface very intuitive and it's future-proof with games, skins. Leo said downside was that service provider deleted some of the games spontaneously from the device. She said design is funky and edgy...and it's best for teenagers or young adults, or for parents going through mid-life crisis that wants a device to match their Corvette. Jessica said it's clunky to use as phone. When the CSK was zoomed in on, it had flashing "X" where you'd normally sess phone bars and the "G".

She did a disservice by not putting a link to Hiptop Nation on her SideKick sites listing :(


BustAGroove's AOL Journal // Weather
Watched "Holes" last nite with the girls. It's a cute story about a young man and his family's curse that was put upon them when the main character's dirty, rotten pig stealing grandfather didn't come back for Madam Zoroni who was trying to hook up the grandfather with a girl with a pretty face but no depth. I thought that Mr. Sir Sir aka Jon Voight was the most amusing character in the movie. We watached the DVD extras afterwards and the novelist/screenwriter said he didn't tell anyone, not even his wife and kids that he was working on the book. I also got the Best Bits of Mr. Bean still in its Netflix wrapper and Bulletproof Monk, which I think was stolen @ the post office.

I'm off work for Columbus Day but it's a regular school day for the girls. I could be productive and take my car in for maintenance service, get a car wash, etc. or I could just veg out today. I don't know what'll be as it's still early and the sun hasn't come up. I worked from home for a few hours yesterday to help our Law Dept. on a special project. I also stayed @ work really late last Friday for the same reason. I got "stuck" on the project because I happened to be the person who answered the phone when everyone else was gone....but it's still good cause I make decent $$ and my hours are flexible. I watched the news about Rush Limbaugh, ultra conservative talk show host who also got fired as a commentator from ESPN for saying the wrong thing. Come to find out that he's addicted to prescription pain killer. Him coming out like that is making him a target for flaming by those same people that he was wagging his finger at....I think it's going to be a very humbling experience for him and his supporters.


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Trading and Brothers
One of my family's fave shows is coming to Los Angeles area tomorrow: Discovery Channel's Trading Spaces - Boys vs. Girls 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica - CA 10/11/03 from 11:00AM - 2:00PM

They'll also have a live show at Times Square in New York City on 10/19/03.

It's weird that we haven't seen any TV advertising for this event. I found out about it from Ticketmaster's website and that both events are free. Trading Spaces Boys vs. Girls is geared towards the 8-14 age bracket. So this is the plan for this weekend in addition to seeing "Brother Bear" which even DramaKween is interested in seeing.


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Bush Blog & More
Even President Bush is doing it with 391 days to election day.

Blogging Iceberg - 4.2M Hosted Weblogs, Most Little Seen, Quickly Abandoned.


BustAGroove's AOL Journal // Weather
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